What is Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery?

Breast Lift also known as a Mastopexy surgery is a surgical technique to lift your breasts. A Mastopexy will restore your breasts to a more youthful position. In other words, your breasts will be perkier and have roundness and volume. Often genetics, aging, and pregnancy cause breasts to deflate, sag, and droop.

Most women state that the lack of firmness and the droopy position of their breasts are the main reasons they want a breast lift. Have you noticed your nipple or areola is pointing downward? Perhaps it is toward the bottom of your lower breast as opposed to its original position. This is known as Breast Ptosis and is an important word to remember. According to an article in the New York Times, breasts are like most fatty or adipose tissue in our bodies. Hence, they are going to sag.

Dr. Sailon approaches Mastopexy surgery with sensitivity and understanding of how a woman’s breasts can influence her self-perception and confidence. It is essential a woman feels feminine both in and out of her clothing.

Because of this, Dr. Sailon seeks to restore a natural-looking youthfulness to the breasts without looking “fake" or overdone. Breast lifts must be carefully tailored to the individual to ensure the desired results can be obtained. During your consultation, Dr. Sailon will listen to your concerns and develop a strategy that suits your needs.


As we mentioned earlier, there are several reasons your breasts may sag. According to Health.com, there are seven (7) things you can and can’t do about sagging breasts. You can work out, eat healthily, wear the right bra, sleep on your back, and never smoke, but often these won’t be enough to stop gravity. Health.com states, “If you’re really unhappy with your breast sag, there is one remedy that doctors say can turn back time: “breast lift" surgery, also called a mastopexy. During a breast lift, plastic surgeons remove excess skin and tighten the surrounding tissue. The surgery has grown in popularity by 70% since 2000, outpacing breast implants 2-to-1."

Breasts tend to undergo several changes throughout a woman’s life. During development, breasts all have a certain degree of asymmetry. After pregnancy, a deflated look is a common concern due to volume loss (postpartum atrophy). Over time, the skin stretches, and the breasts can sag or droop. Since these changes can occur in a vast time range, many women are candidates for a breast lift or Mastopexy.


There are numerous Breast Lift surgical techniques available, all of which Dr. Sailon has experience performing in the operation room. His goal is for your breast lift to be tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • Circumareolar – also known as a “donut" mastopexy this incision is limited to around the areola (the pigmented skin adjacent to the nipple). This allows for minor elevation of the nipple as well as some tightening of loose skin.
  • Circumvertical – also known as a “lollipop" breast lift, the incision goes around the areola and then vertically down from the areola to the breast fold as a straight line. This provides higher nipple elevation and more skin tightening.
  • Wise pattern – also known as an “inverted T" breast lift, the incision goes around the areola, down as a vertical line and then horizontally hidden in the breast crease. This is the most recommended technique for nipple repositioning and skin tightening.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Augmentation-mastopexy refers to the use of any of the above techniques combined with the use of breast implants (breast augmentation). This allows for the restoration of loss of volume and can restore fullness in the upper portion of the breasts. Because adding volume and tightening the skin can work against each other, avoiding the use of an enormous implant (more than 400 ccs) is vital to preventing complications.

Realistic Expectations
Dr. Sailon believes in helping you to achieve your desired results while keeping your safety paramount. Your breast lift surgery will take place in a fully accredited operating room at a surgery center or hospital. Breast lift surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia for your comfort and takes between 2-3 hours.

Dr. Sailon takes care to make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. This involves the use of local anesthetic (numbing medicine) in the surgical area and providing medication for use at home. Most breast lifts do not require the use of surgical drains.


Generally, you can return home shortly after your breast lift surgery. Light activity and walking are permitted after surgery. You may resume exercise 2 weeks after surgery and gradually return without any restrictions one month afterward.

Dr. Sailon usually recommends you take one week off from work. You will likely feel well enough to work from home during that time if that is an option. Some swelling and bruising are standard with most of it resolving after two weeks. Remember, it will take a few months for the skin to relax and for your final results to be visible.

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