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Lip Enhancement

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The lips represent one of the most alluring and notable features on a woman’s face. Full, well-shaped lips can create a lasting first impression and enhance your overall beauty.

Dr. Sailon provides lip enhancement to women of all ages to get fuller, poutier lips without looking unnatural or fake. Whether your lips are thin or wrinkled because of hereditary factors or age, fillers can restore a youthful shape and volume. Afterwards, you will be less reliant on lip liner or other short-term solutions.

Anatomy and Facial Balance-
the keys to achieving plump, natural-looking lips

Dr. Sailon believes a combination of skill and an understanding of lip anatomy are needed to achieve natural results. In general, the lower lip should be slightly fuller than the upper lip to keep a harmonious balance. The lower lip has a more uniform appearance with two “pillows” on either side of the midline. The upper lip is more complex with a cupid’s bow centrally, sharper border, and three distinct areas that can be treated. Each area must be assessed individually. Blindly injecting all three without regard for these nuances creates a “sausage lip” – one that lacks shape and looks artificial.

Dr. Sailon injects in a way to increase volume as well as enhance vertical lip height to avoid “duck lips” – lips that project too far out from the face. Consideration is also given to creating a definition in the lips, not just making them bigger. This entails the enhancement of the “white roll” or the junction between your skin transitions to your upper lip. Other areas, such as the philtral columns (the two vertically oriented lines that begin at your upper lip and go up towards your nose) or commissures (the corners of the mouth) can be treated as well depending on your particular needs and desires. Typically, no more than one syringe (1mL) is injected in a single session to ensure consistent and natural results.

Fillers for lip injections

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are derived from naturally occurring sugars found in the body. Various products exist and Dr. Sailon will review the advantages and disadvantages of each after discussing your goals for lip enhancement. Results last approximately 6-9 months with the longevity increasing after the first treatment.

Restylane frequently used in the lips as well as in others areas of the face (such as the smile lines), Restylane is a popular filler used to enhance volume and definition in the lips.

Juvederm also a commonly used filler, Juvederm can create hydrated, pronounced, soft lips. Certain formulations of Juvederm (Juvederm Ultra XC) may last longer.

More permanent options for lip enhancement do exist. These include the use of fat grafts (where fat is transferred from one area of the body and injected into the lips), silicone lip implants, and lip lifts. Dr. Sailon generally views these alternatives as secondary to the use of HA fillers and will discuss their role during your consultation.

Preparing for your treatment

Before treatment, you should stop any medication that increases bleeding, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Dr. Sailon will create the most comfortable experience possible by using pain-relieving tools such as cooling, vibration, and topical numbing creams to make sure you experience minimal discomfort. Expect to remain with a topical numbing cream for 10-15 minutes prior to your treatment. Dr. Sailon performs all injections of fillers personally.




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