What is a Mommy Makeover?

A “mommy makeover” combines techniques and allows Dr. Sailon to rejuvenate the youthful breasts and torso that you had before pregnancy – often in a way that is better than before!

A mommy makeover typically involves rejuvenation of the breasts (with either an augmentation, lift, or both) and a tummy tuck. Just as with all of Dr. Sailon’s procedures, this must be carefully tailored to fit your individual anatomy, needs, and desires. Many other tools are available to help you feel refreshed from skin care, fillers, and botox to other surgical adjuncts such as liposuction. During your consultation, Dr. Sailon will review in detail the most appropriate approach to achieve your goals.

Mommy Makeover with Dr. Sailon

Although having children is one of the greatest joys in life, it is not without physical changes to a mother’s body afterward. Regardless of how many children or what size, pregnancy, and childbirth can leave their marks on the skin and muscles of the abdomen, breasts, and fat distribution. In addition, some struggle to lose their “baby weight.”

Changes that are commonly seen after pregnancy include:

  • Loose skin of the abdomen.
  • Diastasis recti – this refers to a separation of the six-pack muscles and laxity of the abdominal core.
  • Sagging of the breasts – known as “postpartum atrophy,” the breasts do not return to their pre-pregnancy state
  • Fat redistribution to undesirable places or persistent weight gain.
  • Skin changes include dark spots (melasma), spider veins, varicose veins or telangiectasias.



  •  Breast augmentation with implants – for women with minimal sagging but who desires a fuller, more shapely breast and to restore breast volume lost from pregnancy
  • Breast lift – restores the perkiness of the breast but does not increase the overall breast size
  • Breast augmentation and lift – combines the use of an implant and a lift to create a fuller breast while also dealing with sagging and drooping that can occur after pregnancy
  • Tummy Tuck – eliminates loose skin from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles to create a flat belly with tighter waist.
  • Liposuction – removes unwanted fatty deposits, typically in the love handles, abdomen or thighs.
  • Tummy Tuck and liposuction – a combined surgical technique allowing for removal of excess skin and resculpting of the entire abdomen, waist, and other stubborn fat deposits.
  • Botox – relaxes facial muscles to smooth wrinkles.
  • Fillers (such as Restylane or Juvederm) – restore the loss in facial fat
    Medical-grade skin care or chemical peels – restore the youthful glow of your skin.

Must I get a Breast Implant with a Mommy Makeover?

The decision to get a breast implant is entirely up to you and is NOT a requirement. Breast rejuvenation can be accomplished with a breast lift alone or in conjunction with an implant. An implant will often result in upper pole fullness (a fuller look at the top of the breast) that cannot typically be achieved with a lift alone. A lift is important if your nipple position is too low and would be better situated further up on your chest.

How soon after having my baby can I get a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Sailon recommends you complete childbearing (i.e., do not plan on having more children) before considering a mommy makeover. After giving birth, it is important to give some time for your weight to stabilize as well as for your skin and breasts to recoil. If you are lactating, Dr. Sailon recommends you wait at least 3 months after the cessation of breastfeeding before undergoing a breast enhancement procedure.

How long is the recovery?

Dr. Sailon is sensitive to the fact that new mothers often do not have prolonged periods of time for recovery. During your consultation, he will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan. Surgery is performed on a same-day basis, meaning you go home after surgery. Dr. Sailon does everything possible to minimize pain from surgery so that you are back to your daily life as soon as possible. Most mommy makeovers entail recovery of about 1 week before you can work and care for children. Exercise and more vigorous activity can often be resumed gently at 2 weeks.

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