Non-surgical nose job uses injectable fillers, such as Restylane or Radiesse, to add volume to very specific areas of the nose. There are several indications for this procedure, including:

Camouflaging a minor dorsal hump

Treating a depressed dorsum (flat nasal bridge) or saddle-nose

Smoothing out depressions or irregularities

Augmenting the radix (the “root” of the nose) to increase nasal length

Adding projection to the nasal tip

Enhancing the bony support of the nose

For the appropriate candidate, this is a procedure for those not prepared to undergo surgery. It can be done quickly in the office and with minimal pain, particularly if a topical anesthetic is applied beforehand. Typically there is minimal swelling or bruising associated and patients can return immediately to work.

As an additional benefit, fillers may last longer when injected in the nose compared to other locations on the face.

In contrast, a more traditional rhinoplasty require surgery and recovery time will be longer.

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